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Samuel Cho has expertise in Oncology drug discovery, including target validation and translational biology in both industry (+9 yrs) and academia. His experiences include both antibody and small molecule drug development, with an emphasis on signal transduction, mechanism of action studies and biomarker validation. Mr. Cho received his M.S. in Biology; his B.S. in Biochemistry and Cell Biology and his B.A. in Psychology all from the University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA. Mr. Cho is a registered U.S. patent agent.


MacLaren A, Cho S, Ferreira R, and McLachlan K. Lumiliximab, an anti-CD23 targeted therapy, enhances apoptosis in CLL cells and CD23+ lymphoma cell lines when used in combination with CLL therapies. 2010 (In preparation).

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Selected Abstracts:

Ibanez G*, Timple N*, Cho S, Boykin C, Yang C, Hong K, Colson B, Wei J, Daniels M, Pierce L, Dakappagari N, Zhang H, Tangri S, Phillips L, Storgard C, Lundgren K. BIIB021, a fully synthetic oral small molecule inhibitor of Hsp90, shows anti-tumor activity in multiple xenograft models. AACR 2009.

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